Turning Point Counseling - Turning Point - a point where a decisive change takes place
Adam Kotowski
This is a very unique and powerful approach to counseling.
Call or e-mail Sandy with questions or to set up an appointment with her and Adam together.
Adam is a Life Mentor.  In the past 9 years he has obtained an MBA with a concentration in Leadership.  He has been certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as both a Practitioner (NLP Institute of Chicago) and as a Master Practitioner (NLP University - Santa Cruz, CA).  He has worked with a co-founder of NLP (David Gordon) on Modeling - The Structure of Experience. 
In his experiences, Adam has learned directly from the co-founders of NLP on people's Identity and the how Belief Systems are incorporated.  While studying, Adam learned how beliefs form, how they affect each individual, and most importantly how they can determine our destinies through choices.  Beliefs are extremely powerful as they create people's experience. The belief system, while powerful is also weakening.  
When you work with Adam, You will learn one of the hardest things you can do in life along with one of the easiest things you can do in life.  First, you must learn your Identity, and then you will learn techniques that will help you realize who you truly are.
Sandy and Adam work together in this very unique and powerful way of counseling. Please call Sandy with any questions or to schedule an appointment with her and Adam together. 
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Call Sandy at 708-745-8210 to set up an appointment 
with her and Adam together. (no extra charge)
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